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Our link with Reverend Olivier and his parishes in Madagascar is very strong and our Madagascar group meets regularly, both to manage various projects and organise fundraising.

Madagascar Lunches take place about once per month and everyone is welcome to join in! The aim is to hear about and discuss our various projects - and raise funds; we're talking about £5 per person - to include the cost of the lunch. Don't be shy, you don't even need to be a member of the congregation, just contact Mike Swain on 07956 638928, to find out the date and venue for the next lunch, or indeed if you want further information about our link and projects.     


Blean church have exchanged prayers with Madagascar, prayers especially written for the link:


Following on below are a selection of recent messages from Rev Olivier in Ambatondrazaka, North East Madagascar, together with other news about our link ...

28th May 2019

Dear all friends in Blean,

I'm happy to write to you again.I was not here in Ambatondrazaka during last week after my meeting to the mothers union in Moramanga.My mother was ill but now she become well.

Thank you very very much for your supporting us.We feel that we have a true friends to find how to improove the social life for the people(phisical-intellectual and spiritual).

The banana project in Moramanga was starting.I met the mothers union there two weeks later and gave them the money from you for doing banana project.The women are very very happy and I see from their face that they have hope to success this project.

The council of church here also met to arrange about the using money for education and health.So it needs to support the alphabetisation in Mahatsinjo and the health mobilisation,especially the washing hands and the using the healthy food for the women ther.Misses Lova and Claire lead this project there.

We think also to support TENDRY, the boy talk with you about his problem of their study in the secondary school,during your visit here.He want to be a priest but he must to have diplome BACCALAUREAT.He is still in the secondary school.His parents have a difficult for life so they cannot pay his school fees.So the council of Church and Blean commission here decide to help TENDRY for paying his school fees from the money you sent for supporting the education and health.

PASCAL, the boy who study in theological college in Tana,and he has got a book from you during your visit here.He also needs to help for paying the school fees in College.It is difficul for him and the council here decide to help him.He study at college during 2 years the rest.

Finally,if it is possible to buy sewing machine for the women in Manakambahiny, I hope it is possible, we buy it for women.It uses for improoving their life.They are ready to teach one another to sew.The women in Mahatsinjo and Moramanga and Ambohidava want to get it also,so we will see if the money you send may be enough about that.


Your challange and our challenge for our link in our Deanary and Parish may change the life of more people(bodly-intelectual-spiritual).Thank you very very much.We cannot answerd more things you do for us but we ask God to answer you all good works you do for our parish.


God bless you

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier 


24th March 2019

Dear Freinds in Blean,

 Peace of the Lord be with you all.

I'm in Tana now to prepare my journey to ABIDJAN (COTE D'IVOIRE) to be appointed the Bible translator training during 14 Days.Our departure will be on 30 March. So I ask you to pray for me.

I hope that my wife Zo has already writen you about how is going here the project. So I confirm it with photos that I have in my hand.

Thank you very for much because your support is very very helpful for us healthy, bodily, intelectually and especially spiritually.

Thank you very . God bless you

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier 







Dear Eileen, 

I'm very happy to write again with you, What's new in Blean? here in Ambatondrazaka , nothing special to say. For this year, the feeding project continue, you know, I don't know to send in e-mail photos; when Olivier arrive in Ambatondrazaka( because he is in Antananarivo for a meeting with all reverend in the diocese of Antananarivo) he will send you the photo about the feeding project. Last sunday also we have give some clothes to churchmate in Ambohidava. Olivier will send also some photos about that. About the alphabetization in Ambohidava, the women try to find the best moment to learn because of their occupation at home. 

I must leave you know. Take care of yourself and your lovely family.

God bless you


31 December 2018

Dear Friends in Blean,

The word became Flesh(John 1:14): ALL PEOPLE FROM AMBATONDRAZAKA ARE HAPPY TO GREET YOU FOR THE OCCASION OF CHRISTMAS DAY AND THE NEW YEAR 2019.As the Queen Elizabeth 2 sayd that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is never out of date,so we all always live through the grace of the Incarnation.The Word making Flesh is the source of Life.Thanks God to give us His Grace so the Church always live through the evangelism and the sacrement of Grace. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier and his family

These photos show how Christmas is done - Malagasy style:

10 December 2018


July to November 2018

*****  Visit and 10th Anniversary of Blean Church link with Madagascar *****

In July 2018 three members of Blean Church congregation visited Madagascar. If you would like to have PDF copies of some of the many inspirational photographs taken during the visit, together with further information, as used in the very successful team presentation at Blean village hall in November 2018, please contact:

In the meantime, here are the personal reflections of one of the team who went to Madagascar: 


25th May 2018



The teachers of Sunday school in

St James Ambatondrazaka prepare

to feed the Children on 11th March.

Rice and Pork with vegetable.

How happiness after taking

lunch and taking a desert banana


How pleasant picnic with the feeding.

They always show their happiness.

They’re preparing also the receiving

 the friends from Blean.


On 02 April Easter Monday,

they ate rice and chicken.


The teachers and the Sunday School

 in Amboasary on 15 April.

 Rice and Goose meat.


The teachers and the Sunday School

 in St Paul Manakambahiny.

Sorry for the picture not clear.

They ate rice and chicken.


After playing they took a lunch.

Rice with pork and green,

vegetable and pineapple.

Feeding on 13 May.


The Sunday School in Andranomena,

a Church in the parish of Andreba.

The number of Children increased.

Feeding project on 06 May.


There are some Churches that I didn’t receive a report from yet.

The teachers and all Children in Sunday School and their parents

always show their grateful to you for your supporting them

to help for increasing physically and intellectually especially spiritually.


Thank you very very much

May God bless you all

Revd Olivier


12th March 2018

Dear all friends in Blean,

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,the love of God the Father and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all.

I want to send you some pictures about the feeding project in St James,my photos with MgrTrevor,thevisite of Mgr Trevor with one Bishpo from Australia and all Bishops of Episcopal Church in Madagascar to the Malagasy President HeryRAJAONARIMAMPIANINA,and new extending St James Church with new roof supported by you.

Pictures from the feeding programme; teachers preparing food and children showing bananas:

I was with Mgr TREVOR WILLMUT on the reception at MAHATAZANA RESTAURANT after the consecration of Right RevdSamy to be as an assistant Bishop of TulearDiosese.

Mgr Trevor visited with all Bishops of Madagascar to the President of Madagascar’s Republic,His Excellence Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA on 27 February 2018.

The extension of Church of St James in Ambatondrazaka has already covered the roof. All roofs are supported by Blean Parish plus here are the windows of the church.



We think that the extending Church is specialized to memory of our 10th of our Link.It’s good if the work will be finished before your visit on June and July,so pray for us because there is more things to do.

There’re still more things we need supporting.Even though I feel that our all congregations here strive as possible to give and to do somethings as their talent that they have to work of extendningchurch.They do it with enthusiasm and proudly as they’re Anglican.So pray for us.

God bless you all

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier


2nd January 2018

Dear all friends in Blean parish,

I represent my family and all congregations in my parish and our deanary to present you all our best greeting for the occasion of Christmas day a New Year 2018.We always trust in God.We trust His Great Love showing for us every day and we trust His Unique Slavation in Jesus Christ for ever and ever.So to walk into the 365 days we have God the Father of Jesus Christ and always protect His people.Be strong to serve the Lord and to develop His Church.Grace,peace and prosperity from God upon in you all and protect you to walk in the new year.Message for you in the book of Psalm 121.

I forget to tell you that we had a sad news about the family of Georges and Laurette and Germaine.Jim and Sally have known these family because they were received by them.The husband of Germaine called Georges Lock-Tong,father of Georges was dead on last 29 November.Pray for them. 

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,the Love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier and his family


06th November 2017


25th July 2017

Dear all friends in Blean,

We're happy to make you know that the money you have sent for supporting the roof of Ambatondrazaka and Solar panel for Mahatsinjo is in our Bank now,

It's £1982.52.Thank you very, very much for your help because it is make us to be strong to continue the great work before us. We hope that the new church in Mahatsinjo will become clear, not only by energy but also clear spirituality.

So to show you our delighted, we repeat you three times thank ,thank ,thank you.

Thanks be to God that we could celebrate the harvest feast in Ambatondrazaka on last Sunday 23 July. Most people came to the church to bring their product and fruit that the Lord blessed them. The money we got in this time is for continuing the work of the extending in Ambatondrazaka.

God bless you all,

Yours in Christ

Revd Olivier




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