[A Christening is the same thing as a Baptism: 'Christening' is just a more traditional word].

We are always happy to receive requests from families regarding Baptisms, and are pleased that many generations of some local families have been, and continue to be, baptised in Blean Church.

At a Baptism, parents and godparents take the opportunity to reaffirm their Christian faith in the presence of wider family and supporters. They promise to bring their child/children up as Christians. For a child (or indeed an adult) the moment of Baptism marks the beginning of a life of sharing in, and growing into, the resurrection life of Jesus (see Paul's Letter to the Romans, Chapter 6). That is a very attractive prospect, and worth taking seriously.

Most of the Baptism services we do at Blean happen on Sundays at midday or in the mid-afternoon, as we like to focus all the attention on the families and children involved. These services take about 20 minutes, and there is plenty of opportunity for photos afterwards. It is also possible for a Baptism to take place during one of our 10am Sunday Services when the regular church congregation are present if that is preferred. Some couples even choose to have their children baptised at their wedding services: sensible, as all the family are already gathered!

How much do you charge for a Baptism? There is no charge for Baptism services. Families usually make a donation to support the work of Blean Church, which includes work with children and young people.

How do we arrange a Baptism? Contact us now by phone or email, and the Parish Priest will arrange to visit to explain things in more detail and agree a date and time for your special service.