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Music and Singing

   Music at Blean

Music plays an important part in worship and fellowship at Saint Cosmus and Saint Damian in the Blean.

We have a fine organ, built in 1909 by FH Browne and Sons Ltd, then of Canterbury. The organ was originally located where the pulpit is now and when moved, as part of a church re-ordering project in 2000, was upgraded to produce a much wider variety of sounds, while still being housed in its original case. During the removal process it became obvious that the floor of the church is simply beaten earth and while no change was made to the flooring of the whole church, it was felt wisest to position the organ on a new concrete slab, capable of withstanding its weight!

The brass plaque describing it states:

           “To the Glory and Praise of God

            This organ was presented by Alfred Slater Esq

            of Tyler Hill House in the Parish of

            SS Cosmus and Damian in the Blean

            and was dedicated for use in this Church

            by the Right Rev The Lord Bishop of Dover

            on Sunday October 17th 1909

            Alfred Butler, MA Vicar”

We have a small, enthusiastic group of singers who assemble early each Sunday morning to prepare an anthem that is sung while the congregation take communion, and to be ready to lead congregational singing of the hymns chosen for each service. Blean church uses either Hymns Old and New (Anglican edition) or Ancient and Modern New Standard edition. New members of the singing group would be welcomed. Just have a word with a group member or the organist if you would like to join.

Hymns are chosen on a quarterly basis using resources published by the Royal School of Church Music as a guide to try to ensure that the hymns selected complement the Bible readings for the day. The quarterly hymn list is accessible in church so that all members of the congregation can see what is happening in advance and have an opportunity to suggest alternatives.

The church also has an electronic keyboard that is more suitable for accompanying more modern music or small choral groups and also has a CD player that can be used in conjunction with the sound amplification system

A result of the re-ordering has been that it is now possible to accommodate choirs and instrumental groups in the chancel. The building  has a very good acoustic and the church regularly invites local music groups to perform concerts, thus broadening the use of the church building. If you are a member of a local musical group and would like to know more about the possibility of performing in Blean church, please use the CONTACT US TODAY! tab at the top right hand corner of this page in the first instance.

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