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Our link with Reverend Olivier and his parishes in Madagascar is very strong and our Madagascar group meets regularly, both to manage various projects and organise fundraising.

Madagascar Lunches take place about once per month and everyone is welcome to join in! The aim is to hear about and discuss our various projects - and raise funds; we're talking about £5 per person - to include the cost of the lunch. Don't be shy, you don't even need to be a member of the congregation, just contact Mike Swain on 07956 638928, to find out the date and venue for the next lunch, or indeed if you want further information about our link and projects.     


At the last lunch in early June 2017, a question was posed, which you may be able to help answer...

Over the many years (almost ten) of our link with the parishes of Rev Olivier in Madagascar, we have been hearing both from him and from other sources, of the many problems which need tackling there. In fact, there are so many, it is difficult to know where to start and what to do to have the greatest long-term impact. 

As an exercise which could lead to a new and self-sustaining social project, can you answer the following question:

Given the seemingly intractable ills of Madagascar, centred on :  POVERTY,  POPULATION and  ENVIRONMENT  - which one of these would you choose to focus on tackling, what tools would you use (for example - education, business development, health initiatives, community based conservation (not an exhaustive list – only examples!) – and how would you see these tools used to greatest sustainable advantage? In other words, what kind of project would you propose, in order to bring the greatest long-term benefit to the people and/or environment of Madagascar?

The plan is to use our individual life-experiences to come up with ideas for a project which would in time become self-sustaining, and run solely by Malagasy people. These ideas will then be put to our contacts in Madagascar for their assessment and consideration, to choose or adapt the most promising (from their perspective) and then provide support for implementation. There is a need to find something fundamental, something which can be copied in many different locations, and something which can be successfully managed (in due course) entirely by Malagasy communities.   

So if you have ideas which you can contribute to this initiative, no matter how ‘off the wall’ they might seem, please do send them to me by the closing date of 21st July 2017. I will ensure every idea is passed to our contacts in Madagascar for their consideration. It just needs a spark, something which perhaps has not been tried before, or maybe has been tried (in Madagascar or elsewhere) but might be approached differently.

All contributions gratefully received. Please send them to:, or for my attention to Blean Church Office.


Mike Swain


Below are a selection of recent messages from Rev Olivier in Ambatondrazaka, North East Madagascar ...

30th May 2017

Dear friends in Blean,

We send you Easter Greeting.Thanks be to the Lord that each Easter day He reminds the Christians their victory with Christ,even though there are many troubles and problems touching the human life.

During the few days after Easter I was not in Ambatondrazaka, there was a meeting and training of the Clergies of the diocese of Antananarivo in Tana on 24 – 27 April; after that we went to evangelize in Anosimalaza(VODIRIANA). There is one new Church there, it is in MORAMANGA’s Parish. Moramanga is one Parish in our Deanary, so as a Dean, the Priest there invited me to come there to join with them. It’s wonderful to find the enthusiasm of the people to built the house of God. I and the laity parson from Tananarive came there. The people there received us heartily. Vodiriana is far from Moramanga(about 40km and we must walk on foot 15km because the Car and Motobike and other transport cannot pass there).

Finally, we want to show you our gratitude. We feel your great love for us. Thank you very much for persuading the PCC to deal with us and to continue to support the Feeding project, Roof of St James, Solar panel for Mahatsinjo. We couldn’t repay all th things you have done for us, but God thinks and knows all things you did for us (Hebrew 6:10).  About women training for health, I will meet for the mothers union here to program this project. I also need to meet Dr Zoe to arrange about the mosquito nets. I think that each family in our deanary shoulld get one or two Mosquito nets.

I think that is all until my next message.

Yours in Christ,




15th May 2017


30th Oct 2016

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