Events Autumn to Christmas 2018


An Archaeologist Reveals Ancient Blean: Lecture by Fred Birkbeck

A focus on the 'Salt Road' and the once inhabited fields on either side near Blean Church, including the nearby 'Roman villa' and 'manor house' sites.

At Blean Parish Church at 7.30pm Friday 5 October 2018

Free entry, donations welcome. Refreshments will be served

Fans of the Channel 4 TV programme Time Team will appreciate the importance of what its presenters refer to as ‘Geophys’. ‘Geophys’ is short for Geophysical Survey. This is a kind of survey carried out with ground-based physical sensing techniques used for archaeological imaging or mapping. In other words, someone walks over the surface of an area where there are thought to be archaeological remains whilst carrying something that looks like a TV aerial connected to some electronic recording equipment. Images are later produced, showing what the sensor sensed. It’s much quicker than digging, and does less damage.

Earlier this year Fred Birkbeck, an Archaeology graduate from Kent University, undertook a full Geophysical Survey of the fields lying to the East and South East of Blean Church (which are already known to be rich in archaeological remains) with the intention of mapping out what lies beneath. His results, which are now being interpreted, seem to be both stunning and significant and point to the ancient uses and occupation of this part of the village.

Local people can be the first to hear about Fred’s discoveries because he has kindly responded to an invitation to give the Blean Lecture this Autumn. It will be fully illustrated, of course. Please encourage neighbours and friends to come along.



Wed 5th at 10.30am: Friends’ of Blean Church Coffee Mornings restart:  every Wednesday (term time) in Blean Village Hall

Our Autumn Study Course is: 

‘The Origins of the Old Testament’

Wednesdays 3rd, 10th October & 7th November

at 2.30pm in the Church Room

Led by: Dr Peter Clough, Reader, Blean Church


   Come to any or all of the sessions.   There will be time for questions.



Wed 3rd at 2.30pm: ‘Who on earth are J, E, P and D?’


Fri 5th at 7.30pm: Blean Lecture (see above)


Sun 7th at 10am: Harvest Festival Eucharist


Wed 10th at 2.30pm: ‘Rebellions in the Desert – what can we learn

             from Numbers 16?’


Wed 24th at 12.30pm: Friends’ Harvest Lunch at Blean Village Hall



Wed 7th at 2.30pm: ‘King Josiah and the priestly historians’


Sun 11th                           Remembrance Sunday

10am: Church Service including Act of Remembrance and Two-Minute

                Silence at the Blean War Memorial, located in the Church.

3pm:    Friends’ of Blean Church Community Act of Remembrance

                 at Blean Memorial Field followed by tea at Village Hall.



Sun 2nd at 6.15pm: Advent Carol Service


Sun 9th at 10.00am: Christingle Service with Blean School Choirs


Wed 12th at 12.30pm: Friends’ Christmas Lunch at Blean Village Hall


Fri 21st at 6.30pm: Friends’ Christmas Carols on the Green followed by

       mulled wine and mince pies at Village Hall